Don’t just engineer on paper.

Curtin Motorsport Team builds open wheel formula cars to compete in the annual Australasian Formula SAE competition. Our members are exposed to a real world engineering design project in which decisions are made based on resources, cost, rules restrictions and time lines. Membership develops your team work, technical, design and practical skills – checking the box for many of the traits future employers will be seeking.

Interested in being a part of the team?

The intake for the recruitment program is open to all students of Curtin University with a passion for developing their knowledge of engineering design principles. The broad scope of the project presents many opportunities to do non-technical work such as management, recruitment, marketing, graphic design and finance. All applications will be considered, and you are welcome to participate in our recruitment program, after which you will be invited to apply for full membership with the team.

What does recruitment training involve?

The recruitment training program runs in two stages where you will be taught everything you will need to know to be a successful member of Curtin Motorsport Team. Prior experience with automotive technology or racing is not required. Stage 1 consists of Solidworks training along with engineering knowledge and fabrication sessions.

Phase 1


SolidWorks is a 3D CAD Program used by CMT to design all elements of the car, and one commonly used by industry. During recruitment there will be weekly workshops taught by CMT alumni.

Engineering Knowledge

Learning about fundamental engineering topics that we utilise on the team. Topics include, material selection, fasteners, composites and design for manufacture.

Fabrication and Composites

Basic metalworking skills and working with composite fabrics. Recruits will learn how to work with carbon fibre, as well as use various metalworking tools.

Phase 2


Pedal Prix

The final stage of recruitment is participating in the pedal prix program. Each student will choose a system to design and manufacture on the trike, whilst also having a non-technical role within the team. This project simulates the engineering design process that CMT utilises and prepares the recruits for a project on the race car. The final trike is taken down the Busselton and competes in the UniSA HPV Super Series Pedal Prix competition.

Want to Join? Apply Now

Interested in a final year project with CMT?

CMT encourages final year students to do their projects with us, even if you’re not a member of the team. Research projects provide us with a valuable opportunity to develop our understanding of a certain aspect of the project. Interested students can contact Chris Ford at for a list of project topics, or contact us directly at

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