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Curtin Motorsport Team would not be able to compete without the generous support from our sponsors and suppliers. As well as providing essential financial support, our sponsors are invaluable during the entire progress of the car from design to final build, offering technical advice and manufacturing the many parts required for the car to be successful. Additionally, our trusted suppliers go out of their way to assist our many requests and queries.



BYE Performance is a highly-respected performance engine tuner and auto electrics supplier based out of Welshpool in Western Australia. The team receives support from BYE Performance in the tuning services of Justin Pitsikas and access to LINK engine control units. Without Justin’s and BYE Performance’s support, Curtin Motorsport Team would not have such a fast-yet-reliable car. Curtin Motorsport Team has been using BYE Performance for all of its tuning needs since 2011 and the results are loud and clear – high power output without compromising reliability, multiple podium positions in straight-line acceleration events at Formula SAE Australasia despite having an ‘overweight car’ by Formula SAE standards, and heaped praise from fellow competitors and others who have had the opportunity to drive CMT machines tuned by BYE Performance.


Voestalpine AG Group is a leading technology and capital goods group, with world-wide material and processing expertise. The Group focuses on product and system solutions based on steel and other metals of the highest quality, in technology-intensive industries. The High Performance Metals Division focuses on technologically demanding products in the field of specialty steel. voestalpine High Performance Metals (Australia) became a gold sponsor of CMT in early 2023 and agreed to provide the team with in-kind speciality steel. The team plans to use the speciality steel primarily for use on our first planetary gearbox, which is intended to be manufactured this year.


Technical Resources is one of the largest independantly-owned and managed recruitment consultancies. The Perth-based company helps people looking for jobs in engineering, drafting, commercial, construction and emerging technologies on a global scale. Technical Resources aims to help businesses find the right canditate for the job, and ensure that all parties find the best fit for themselves. They offer support through helping individual candidates craft their resume, learn interview techniques, and provide personal guidance on suitable jobs. Techanical Resources have helped support the students in Curtin Motorsport Team to compete with their electric vehicle in Melbourne!


LEAP Australia is a worldwide supplier of design solutions catered to all industries such as defence, aerospace and healthcare. Not only do they supply their clients with their software products but also services such as training, process consulting, and data migration. Curtin Motorsport Team has found LEAP Australia to be an amazing sponsor who supplies us with in-kind licenses for a range of Ansys software, and also helps us to discover the limitless possibilites through their training in 3D modelling, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA).


Forch Australia have been a sponsor of the team since 2016, providing us automotive products to help keep our cars running fast and smooth. Forch Australia is a local company based in Gnangara, Western Australia, owned and operated by Terry Childs and Peter Burgess who are always willing to assist with any workshop or automotive needs. They are backed by the extensive supply chain of Forch International, with a stock of approximately 100 000 articles, including fasteners, solvents, consumables and tools. Forch Australia have allowed us to always use the best quality fasteners on our cars ensuring a high level of safety at all times.


Offering some of the highest quality 3D printing services, New Forge specialises in SLA, DLP, FDM, and Binder Jetting print technology. As a leading industrial 3D printing business, they’re able to produce phenomenal quality products with great turnaround times. They also offer product design and engineering expertise, product prototyping, CNC machining, 3D scanning, and metal and carbon fibre 3D printing. We have been nothing but impressed with New Forge’s high-quality services, especially considering the complexity of some of our designs. Based in Malaga WA, New Forge is just around the corner!


SKF is a world-leading company in the bearings industry, providing rolling element solutions that work for every industrial application, in addition to their instrumentation and lubrication services. The SKF team in Welshpool support CMT by providing us with technical resources, bearings, and bearing selection advice for our race car. In addition, SKF have also provided the team with training in the selection processes and in the installation/maintenance of rolling element bearings, giving us the confidence to replace, and properly care for the many bearings we use on the car.


All machined parts on the car have to start somewhere. Calm Aluminium is our first point of contact to make our drawings into high quality motorsport parts, providing us with high quality aluminium alloys such as 7075 and 6061. Their wide range of aluminium products cater to the needs of many industries such as precision engineering, construction and defence. Based in New South Wales and supplying across Australia and New Zealand, Calm Aluminium is always able to supply what CMT needs in a prompt and timely fashion.


Wintech Engineering have supported Curtin Motorsport Team since 2013, providing the team with the profile cutting of complex foam cores for our wing packages as well as invaluable technical advice. These contributions have allowed CMT students to design and manufacture high quality wing elements that are light yet strong. Throughout their 35-year lifetime, Wintech have continued to produce versatile, accurate and reliable machines and this core philosophy has cemented Wintech as a trusted computer controlled, contour cutting company on the international scene. Machines are regularly shipped to Asia, North America, Middle East, Europe, South Africa, New Zealand, Taiwan, Thailand and Korea. Wintech are recognised globally as a supplier of high quality, reliable, easy to use machines and Curtin Motorsport Team are incredibly fortunate to be associated with such an experienced and successful company.




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