The Team

About Us

Curtin Motorsport is a student run organisation committed to developing strong technical, managerial, leadership and hands-on skills through participation in the Formula SAE design Competition. As one of the leading international engineering design competitions for students, we endeavour to conceive, design, manufacture and test an open-wheeled car over a 12-month period. It is a unique and exceptionally challenging project, with full responsibility for all project management, finance, technical development, human resources and logistics taken by the students.

It is important to note that while our project theme and team name is motorsport orientated, our approach, methodologies and team goals are centered on engineering skills development. We are all here for the challenge and sense of achievement that accompanies engineering project work – it just so happens that few projects motivate young engineers more than an opportunity to bring a race car of their own to life. These objectives are captured in our team’s mission statement:

The Curtin Motorsport Team exists to provide its members the best opportunity to advance their engineering knowledge, experience and professionalism. This project must be rewarding for our members, our university, our sponsors, and our community.

The Car

Video Credit: Robert Lauchlan