The Team

Curtin Motorsport is a student run organisation committed to developing strong technical, managerial, leadership and hands-on skills through participation in the Formula SAE design Competition. As one of the leading international engineering design competitions for students, we endeavour to conceive, design, manufacture and test an open-wheeled car over a 12-month period. It is a unique and exceptionally challenging project, with full responsibility for all project management, finance, technical development, human resources and logistics taken by the students.

Upper Management

Jack Williamson

Technical Director

Tiffani Tong

External Director

Robert Patterson

Internal Director

Technical Management

Sam McGowan

Powertrain Lead

Nicholas Notis

Vehicle Dynamics Lead

Cameron Gee

Aerodynamics Lead

Aaron Sturk

Race Engineer

Logan Wake

Electrical Lead

Non-Technical Management

Thomas Woodward

Marketing Lead

Dabin Song

Workshop & IT Lead

Reece Kibble

Sponsorship & Fundraising Lead

Emmanuel Iloh

Financial Lead

Jakob Wyatt

Recruitment Lead

Dylan Holland

Team Development Lead

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