The Curtin Motorsport Team would not be able to compete without the generous support from our sponsors and suppliers. As well as providing essential financial support, our sponsors are invaluable during the entire progress of the car from design to final build, offering technical advice and manufacturing the many parts required for the car to be successful. Additionally our trusted suppliers go out of their way to assist our many requests and queries.


Curtin University is the host to Curtin Motorsport Team who supports CMT with the majority of our finances, facilities, and machining. Curtin is proud of the extracurricular practical experience that the Curtin Motorsport Team is able to offer their students. For more information on the courses, facilities and research conducted by the School of Civil and Mechanical Engineering click here.



Swarbrick and Swarbrick Yachts is an international producer of composite yachts, architectural design features, sculptures, repairs and maintenance; and automobile bodies and parts.

Swarbrick family started building yachts commercially in 1965, and were pioneers in Australia building composite yachts with the introduction of the S&S34 in 1968.

Glenn Swarbrick has carried on the family tradition of building yachts and has grown the business into a diversified company building composite structures as varied as bridges and sculptures.

Glenn has shared the vision and dreams of countless clients, creating products to the highest quality standards, designed and custom made to the clients brief.


BYE Performance:

BYE Performance is a highly-respected performance engine tuner and auto electrics supplier based out of Welshpool in Western Australia. The team receives support from BYE Performance in the tuning services of Justin Pitsikas and access to LINK engine control units. Without Justin’s and BYE Performance’s support, Curtin Motorsport Team would not have such a fast-yet-reliable car. Curtin Motorsport Team has been using BYE Performance for all of its tuning needs since 2011 and the results are loud and clear – high power output without compromising reliability, multiple podium positions in straight-line acceleration events at Formula SAE Australasia despite having an ‘overweight car’ by Formula SAE standards, and heaped praise from fellow competitors and others who have had the opportunity to drive CMT machines tuned by BYE Performance.

Calm Aluminium:

Calm Aluminium is a respected Australian supplier of premium metals and plastics. Located in New South Wales, Calm provide a unique level of provision for providing the exact, competitively priced materials required for your project. The team received support from Calm Aluminum in the supply of various aluminum billets required in the machining and production of our car. The material provided was used to produce the teams Rear Bulkhead, Uprights, Spindles, Wheel centers in addition to a selection of small parts. Calm Aluminium has greatly assisted the team in allowing us to push the boundaries of our designs and develop a lighter, stiffer and faster vehicle.







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